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india saxy photo

Photo 10 final project 2

Photo 10 final project 2
"A Meeting of the Minds"

This is a photo I took while eating lunch @ the hot dog place on main street.
Alice and the Mad hatter had a musical chairs game with many of the people in the area. Each time some one was an "unwinner" they had to tell a joke. This is the Mad hatter helping a little girl named Jenna tell her joke. Which turned out to be "she’s jenna, she’s Jenna, She’s Jenna!"

Sadly, I do not have a scanner. So This is a black and white picture I took in the park, developed the film in the lab, printed in the darkroom, andf then took a picture of with my cell phone in order to upload it to flickr. The pink bar across the one girl"s face is a reflection of my cell phone.
I hope to be able to scan the original at a later date in order to replace the cell phone upload

Photos on Display

Photos on Display
This group of twelve of my photos will be on display during the month of January in the foyer of the main sanctuary, Shawnee Church of the Nazarene, Shawnee, Kansas. There are a number of artists/photographers/misc. creative types attending this church, so keeping this display in use on a rotating monthly basis should not be a huge challenge.